Public Presentations, Keynote Addresses, and Guest Lectures


Invited presentation, Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

Invited presentation, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

Invited presentation, United Nations University, Macao.

IInvited presentation, 2nd Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) Conference, Hong Kong.

Invited presentation, Group on Earth Observations, Data Sharing Working Group workshop, Washington, D.C.

Invited presentation,  CODATA 2017 Conference on Global Challenges and Data Driven Science, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Invited presentation, Research Data Alliance, side meeting on Responsible Openness in Montreal, Canada

Invited presentation, International Workshop on Open Data for Sustainable Development Goals in Developing Countries, Antananarivo, Madagascar. 

Invited presentation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Lecture, Training Workshop of Chinese CODATA, Beijing, China.

Invited presentation, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Brussels, Belguim.



Invited presentation, Science Council of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

Invited presentation, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.

Invited lectures, Seoul National University School of Law, Seoul, Korea.

Invited presentation, CODATA-World Data System SciDataCon, Denver, CO.

Presentations, Research Data Alliance Conferences, Tokyo, Japan, and Denver, CO.

Invited presentation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris France.

Invited presentations, CODATA, Pretoria, South Africa.



Invited presentations, Group on Earth Observations, Mexico City, Mexico.

Invited presentation, Eye on Earth Summit, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Invited presentation, Japan Science Council Academic Forum on "Open Science Platform: Data Journal as Transformer of Science," Tokyo, Japan.



Invited presentations, SciDataCon, New Delhi, India

Invited presentation, Policy and Global Affairs Committee, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, CReATIVE-B Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

Invited presentation, Research Data Alliance – CODATA Interest Group on Legal Interoperability of Research Data, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Invited presentation, Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers Annual Conference, London, UK

Invited presentation, Second Knowledge Commons Conference, New York University Law School

Invited presentation, U.S.-China Workshop on Earth Observations Data Cooperation, Washington, DC

Invited presentations, International Workshop on Open Data for Science and Sustainability in Developing Countries, Nairobi, Kenya

Invited presentation, CODATA International Workshop on Big Data, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, CODATA International Training Workshop in Big Data for Science, for Researchers from Emerging and Developing Countries, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Research Data Alliance-CODATA Interest Group on Legal Interoperability of Research Data, Dublin, Ireland



Invited presentation, Peking University, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya, China

Invited presentation, Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, CReATIVE-B workshop, Santa Fe, NM

Keynote presentation, CoInfo Conference, Wuhan, China

Keynote presentation, CIC IX Conference, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Keynote presentation, European Commission e-IRG Workshop, Dublin, Ireland

Invited presentation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Big Data Conference, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, International Society for the Remote Sensing of the Environment Conference, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Research Data Alliance Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden

Invited presentation, Group on Earth Observations Data Sharing Working Group Workshop, Brussels, Belgium



Invited presentation, Eileen M. Galloway Symposium on Critical Issues in Space Law, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, Data Sharing Working Group, GEO IX Plenary, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Invited presentations, CODATA Conference, Taipei

Invited presentation, Workshop on Data Intensive Research and Data Science, Shanghai, China

Invited presentation, First Conference on the Knowledge Commons, Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium

Invited presentation, Seminar on Environmental Issues for Judges from Yunnan Province in China, International Judicial Academy, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, APN-CODATA Joint Workshop on Open Access to Global Change Data and Information in Asia-Pacific Region, Xining, China

Invited presentation, Horizon 2020 Conference, European Commission, Rome, Italy

Invited presentation, workshop on Research Data Archiving and Preservation, American Society for Information Science and Technology conference, New Orleans, LA



Invited presentation, CODATA 45th Anniversary Celebration, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Pan African Conference on Access to Information, Cape Town, South Africa

Invited presentation, First World Data System Conference, Kyoto, Japan

Invited presentation, Seminar on Data Publishing, National Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Kyoto, Japan

Invited presentation, First Conference on the Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information, Milan, Italy

Invited presentation, Workshop on GeoData and the Law, Association of American Geographers Conference, Redmond, WA

Invited presentation, Workshop on Geospatial Data and the Law, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

Invited presentation, Workshop on New Configurations for the Virtual and Material, Chicago.



Invited presentations, CODATA Conference on Scientific Information for Society: Scientific Data and Sustainable Development, Cape Town, South Africa.

Invited presentation, The United Nations Global City Informatization Forum on ICT for Sustainable Urban Development, Shanghai, China.

Invited presentation, Fifth China – North America Library Conference 2010, Beijing, China.

Invited presentation, Leaving room in the Protocol for the development of specialized international ABS arrangements, Side Event at the Convention of Biodiversity Working Group on Access and Benefit Sharing, Montreal, Canada.

Keynote address, Seminario Internacional—Gestion de Datos de Investigacion e Informacion Cientifica Financiada con Fondos Publicos: Estado del Arte en Chile y en Mundo, y Recommendaciones para una Politica Nacional.

Guest lectures, Seminar on Information Policy, State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

Invited comment, Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest: Democratic Governance and Collective Action, Brussels, Belgium.

Guest lecture at course on “Data, Data Practices, and Data Curation,” University of California, at Los Angeles.



Invited presentation, Coalition for Networked Information, Washington, DC

Presentation, Chinese-American Network Symposium, Beijing, China

Invited lecture, Institute for Remote Sensing Applications, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Digital Earth Conference, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Workshop on Inter-Agency Collaborative Technologies in Earth Observations for Global Change Research in the Asia-Pacific Region, Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia

Invited presentation, High-Level Expert Working Group on Digital Libraries, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Keynote presentation, International Council for Scientific and Technical Information Conference, Ottawa, Canada

Guest lecture, Syracuse University I-School Masters’ Program, Washington, DC.

Invited presentation, U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officers Training Program, Arlington, VA

Invited presentations, Symposium on Common Use Licensing of Publicly Funded Scientific Publications and Data, one at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, and another at the Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Invited presentation, Symposium on Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources in the Pacific, Papeete, Tahiti

Invited presentation, First Regional Educators’ Dialogue on the Implications of Authors’ Rights on the Teaching Process, Montevideo, Uruguay

Invited presentation, Federation of Earth Science Information Partners Conference, Washington, DC



Presentations, Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) Conference, Kyiv, Ukraine

Invited presentation, National Information Standards Organization Thought Leader Meeting on Research Data, Baltimore, MD

Invited presentation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, US Global Earth Observation (GEO) Interagency Working Group, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, 8th Regional Conference on Health Sciences Information (CRICS8), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Invited presentation, International Workshop on Open Access to Scientific Literature and Other Digital Information Resources in Central America and the Caribbean, Havana, Cuba

Invited presentation, OECD Global Science Forum Workshop on Policy Issues Related to Scientific Research Collections, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, COMMUNIA Conference on Public Domain in the Digital Age, Louvain, Belgium

Invited presentation, International Workshop on Designing the Microbial Research Commons, Ghent, Belgium

Invited presentation, UN GAID International Workshop on Open Data and Knowledge Environments for Innovative Research and Development, Shanghai, China

Invited presentation, Syracuse University I-School Masters’ Program, Washington, DC

Invited online lecture, Syracuse University I-School.

Invited presentation, Internet2 Conference, Crystal City, VA

Invited presentation, Inter-American Institute on Global Change Research Workshop on Data Management, Panama City, Panama

Keynote presentation, Ist Data Curation Conference, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria, South Africa

Invited presentation, Group on Earth Observations, Architecture and Data Committee meeting, Ispra, Italy

Invited presentation, White House National Science and Technology Council, Committee on Science, Interagency Working Group on Digital Data, Washington, DC



Invited presentation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, UN GAID Workshop, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, University of Tokyo, International Workshop on Designing Global Information Commons for Innovation on Frontier Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

Keynote presentation, Department of Science and Technology Workshop on Scientific Data Policy, Pretoria, South Africa

Presentation, Science Commons-CODATA-GBIF Workshop on Common-use Licensing of Scientific Data Products, Paris, France

Invited presentation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, US GEO Working Group

Keynote presentation, Australian Academy of the Humanities, Canberra, Australia.

Invited presentation, Queensland Department of the Treasury, Brisbane, Australia

Invited presentation, Queensland University of Technology, Gold Coast, Australia

Keynote presentation, Ecological Society of America workshop, Durham, NC

Presentation, CODATA Task Group on African Scientific Data Sources for Sustainable Development, Pretoria, South Africa

Presentation, CODATA International Workshop on Open Access to Scientific Data and Information: Focus on Health and Environment in Latin America, Atibaia, Brazil

Keynote presentation, 298th Xiangshan Science Conference on Strategic Conversation on International Biomedical Data Sharing, Beijing, China (keynote)



Keynote presentation, Chilean Ministry of Education and Catholic University of Chile Seminario del Asignación de Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual y Licenciamiento Abierto de Información Generada por Instituciones Públicas y Universidades, para la Promoción del Acceso al Conocimiento, Santiago, Chile.

Presentations, CODATA Conference, Beijing, China.

Invited presentation, CODATA Workshop on Global Information Commons for Science, Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium, Brussels

Invited presentation, Russian Academy of Sciences meeting of the Russian National Committee for CODATA, Moscow, Russia

Invited presentation, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Seminar of New Tools for the Dissemination of Knowledge and the Promotion of Creativity, Alexandria, Egypt

Guest lecture, Beijing Normal University Workshop on World Environmental Resource Research, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, Society for Scholarly Publishing Conference, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, Yale University Law School A2K Conference, Hartford, CT

Invited presentation, Royal Irish Academy Roundtable on Enabling Open Access to Scientific Data and Information within the Modern Knowledge Economy, Dublin, Ireland

Invited presentation, National Academy of Sciences E-Journal Summit, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, Senegalese Academy of Sciences and Technology Annual Meeting (presentation in French to the Senegalese President), Dakar, Senegal

Presentation, InterAcademy Panel Workshop on Promoting Access and Capacity Building for Scientific Information Resources and ICT Infrastructure in Developing Countries, Dakar, Senegal



Invited presentation, Information Technology for Development Panel on Electronic Governance, World Summit on the Information Society, Tunis, Tunisia

Presentation, CODATA Session on the Global Information Commons for Science Initiative, World Summit on the Information Society, Tunis, Tunisia

Invited presentation, Conference on the Past, Present, and Future of Research in the Information Society, Tunis, Tunisia

Guest lecture, University of Sao Paulo, Institute for Advanced Studies, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Invited presentation, International Seminar on Open Access for Developing Countries, World Congress on Health Information and Libraries, Salvador, Brazil

Invited presentation, International Conference on Policies and Strategies for Open Access to Scientific Information, Beijing, China

Keynote presentation, Regional Planning Workshop of Specialists on the Practical Implementation of the UNESCO Policy Guidelines for the Development and Promotion of Governmental Public Domain Information, Lima, Peru

Invited presentation, Discussion Forum on the Struggle over Internet Governance: Searching for Common Ground, Oxford Internet Institute, UK



Invited presentation, Vietnam Education Foundation Fellowship Program Seminar, Washington, DC

Presentation, InterAcademy Panel meeting on Access to Scientific Information in Developing Countries, Paris, France

Invited presentation, CIESIN Global Data User Workshop, Columbia University, Palisades, NY

Presentation, Workshop on Strategies for Preservation of and Open Access to Digital Scientific Data in China, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), World Summit on the Information Society Affiliates Meeting, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, Cardozo Law School Conference on “Some Modest Proposals,” New York, NY

Presentation, CODATA Inter-American Workshop on Access to Environmental Data, Campinas, Brazil

Invited presentation, Global Biodiversity Information Facility Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights, Madrid, Spain

Invited presentation, InfoChange Seminar on the World Summit on the Information Society, Washington, DC



Invited presentation, Trilateral Seminar on Science, Society and the Internet, Honolulu, HI

Invited presentation, International Research Foundation for Development World Forum on the Information Society, Geneva, Switzerland

Invited presentation, European Policy for Intellectual Property Conference, Maastricht, Holland

Invited presentation, National Science Board Workshop on Policy Issues for Long-Lived Data Collections, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

Invited presentation, American Society for Information Science & Technology Conference, Long Beach, CA

Invited presentation, International Conference on Sharing Scientific Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Invited presentation, AAAS Workshop on Copyright, Science, and the Public Interest, Washington, DC

Keynote presentation, TELESOL Workshop on Telework in Medicine, Research, and Business, Kyiv, Ukraine

Invited presentation, Conference on Public Values, System Design, and the Public Domain, Oxford University Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Bellagio, Italy

Invited presentation, AAAS Annual Meeting, Symposium on Science’s Shrinking Public Domain?, Denver, CO

Invited presentation, ICSTI/INIST/INSERM Seminar on Open Access to Scientific and Technical Information: State of the Art and Future Trends, Paris, France



Invited presentation, Department of State International Telecommunication Advisory Committee, Information Meeting on the World Summit on an Information Society and the U.S. Preparatory Process, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, Rockefeller Foundation IPR Dialogue Meeting on the Collective Management of Intellectual   Property, Bellagio, Italy

Invited presentation, European Science Foundation Workshop on Access to Data from Publicly Funded Research, Strasbourg, France

Presentations, CODATA International Conference, Montreal, Canada

Keynote presentation, The National Academies Symposium on the Role of Scientific and Technical Data and Information in the Public Domain, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, American Chemical Society Conference, Boston, MA

Invited presentation, EROS Data Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Workshop on Agricultural Research and GIS, Sioux Falls, SD

Invited presentation, South African National Research Foundation, Data Archiving Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa

Invited presentation, National Center for Remote Sensing and Space Law, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

Presentation, U.S.-Senegal CODATA Workshop, Dakar, Senegal

Invited presentation, Association of American Law Schools Conference, New Orleans



Invited presentation, Conference on the Public Domain, Duke Law School, Durham, NC

Invited presentation, Berkman Center for the Internet and Society, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

Invited presentation, Interagency CENDI Group, Washington, DC

Invited presentation, National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services Biodiversity Informatics Workshop, Charleston, SC

Invited presentation, U.S. Geological Survey Workshop on Gaining Knowledge from Environmental Data, Ft. Collins, CO



Invited presentation, US-China CODATA Symposium on Selected S&T Data, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Presentations, CODATA International Conference, Baveno, Italy

Guest lecture, Johns Hopkins University Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC

Presentation, CODATA Workshop on African Data Sources, Dakar, Senegal

Invited comment, Law and Economics Conference, Vanderbilt University School of Law, Nashville, TN

Invited presentation, N.Y. City Bar Association panel on Intellectual Property in Databases, New York, NY

Guest lecture, University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Presentation, USNC/CODATA Conference on Data for Science and Society, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC

Presentation, AAAS Conference, Washington, DC,

Invited presentation, World Federation of Scientists 24th and 25th Sessions of the International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies, Erice, Sicily (2000 and 1999)



Guest lecture, Stanford University Law School, Palo Alto, CA

Invited presentation, European Union Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Invited presentation, American Bar Association continuing education program on Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law, Washington, DC



Presentation, CODATA International Conference, New Delhi, India

Invited presentation, Biotechnology Information Strategic Forum, Purmerend, Holland

Invited presentation, American Society for Information Science Conference, Orlando, FL

Invited presentation, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Conference on Database Protection, Washington, DC

Presentation, American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference, Philadelphia, PA



Presentation, USNC/CODATA Conference on S&T Data Exchange and Integration, Bethesda, MD

Keynote presentation, Association of Research Scientists in Pharmacology Conference, Dallas TX

Keynote presentation, United States Department of Agriculture Workshop on Information Management, Washington, DC



Presentations, CODATA International Conference, Tsukuba City, Japan

Invited presentation, American University, Washington, D.C.

Invited presentation, Institute of Informatics Systems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia



Presentation, Internet Society Conference, Honolulu, HI



Invited presentation, Arizona State University College of Law

Invited presentation, International Society for Knowledge Organization Conference, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Presentation, CODATA International Conference, Chambery, France



Presentation, Society of American Archivists Conference, New Orleans, LA

Invited presentation, Ecological Society of America, Washington, D.C.

Invited presentation, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, UCSD, La Jolla, CA (1992 and 1993)



Invited presentation, Orbital Debris Symposium, University of Chicago

Presentation, CODATA International Conference, Beijing, China

Presentation, CODATA Workshop on Crop Modeling and Environmental Data, Chambery, France



Presentation, AAAS Conference, Washington, D.C.



Guest lecture, Charles University School of Law, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Guest lecture, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Presentation, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Conference, The Hague, Holland

Invited presentation, AIAA Space Technologies Conference, Session on Remote Sensing Data Standards, Huntsville, AL



Presentation, American Geophysical Union Conference, Baltimore, MD

Invited presentation, Lockheed Corp., Remote Sensing Data Policy for Global Change Research, Washington, D.C.



Presentation, COSPAR Conference, Helsinki, Finland

Invited presentation, American Bar Association Workshop on Current Developments in Remote Sensing Law and Practice, Colorado Springs, CO



Presentation, COSPAR Conference, Toulouse, France

Invited presentation, NASA-NOAA-ERIM Conference on Remote Sensing, Denver, CO



Invited presentation, University of Georgia Conference on Environmental Ethics and the Solar System, Athens, GA



Presentation, Western Political Science Association Conference, San Diego, CA



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